Overcome your Panic or Anxiety Disorder with one of the following proven techniques.

Panic and Anxiety can affect different people in different ways.There are rarely “one fits all” solutions, especially when it comes mental health problems.However there are a sufficient number of fantastic proven solutions available to allow you to choose one or more that would be right for you.Below you will find short summaries of our recommended courses and techniques helping you to make a more informed choice.

Panic Away:

Social Anxiety Disorder - Panic Away

Panic Away

Panic away is an advanced cognitive technique where you learn how to break the fear of having another panic attack or anxiety episode.

Until this fear is broken you will never have complete freedom from your panic attacks or anxiety. (read more…)



 Visit the Panic Away website.


The Linden Method:

Social Anxiety Disorder - The Linden Method

The Linden Method

The Linden Method teaches you what the panic attack eliminator is, which is supposedly the most amazing technique available for stopping panic attacks.

You also learn how to stop disturbing symptoms as they are progressing and will be able to conquer anxiety before it takes a hold. (read more…)


Visit The Linden Method website.


Easy Calm:

Social Anxiety Disorder - Easy Calm

Easy Calm

Easy Calm is not just an ebook but an extensive video course helping you to overcome your panic and anxiety step by step.

The first installment of the course is available for free on the Easy Calm website (read more…)




Visit the Easy Calm website.


Social Strategies:

Social Anxiety Disorder - Social Strategies

Social Strategies

The Social Strategies program is made up of Audio lessons to teach you mental “games”. In social situations you use these specially designed ‘games’ to force your mind to think and react in a certain way to help you deal with the social situations.

The results of these techniques can be quite astounding. (read more…)



Visit the Social Strategies website.