How To Get Over Social Anxiety and Take Control Of Your Life

How To Get Over Social AnxietyMost sufferers no doubt agonise about how to get over social anxiety. It’s a reasonable thing to occupy your mind when the condition is so overwhelming.

Social anxiety is often unfounded but can cause undeniable fear and distress. Social anxiety can have many different triggers. Some sufferers don’t want to talk to strangers or people they don’t know very well. Some others believe people are staring at them even when that doesn’t make sense and the sufferer knows that to be true. Social anxiety can affect even seemingly confident people who have to speak in public by making them sweat profusely, shake and/or feel nauseous. There are many different situations in which someone can suffer from social anxiety, but one common feeling most share is the concern that they will be embarrassed and humiliated in public.

There are a number of things that can be looked at on how to get over social anxiety. Here are just a few:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

Getting over social anxiety is not necessarily easy, but it is achievable, and most people who suffer from social anxiety believe the effort is worth it. Probably the most successful long term treatment is through therapy. By attending therapy sessions, sometimes as an individual, sometimes in a group, sometimes as a combination of both, people learn how to come to terms with this paralyzing issue and how to cope. Usually therapy is not needed for more than 12 or so sessions and positive results can last a lifetime. Therapy is an excellent way to help sufferers learn how to get over social anxiety.


Anti-depressants such as Paxil, tranquilizers such as Xanax and Valium, and beta blockers which are often used to treat heart conditions can be used to reduce some real physical symptoms that affect sufferers, such as deep sweats or shaking can be used to treat anxiety. Some of these medications such as Paxil are taken long term and help reduce symptoms, sometimes allowing the sufferer to gain enough confidence to function well in social situations. Exposure to social situations can also help the sufferer learn how to get over social anxiety. Some medications such as Valium are taken only prior to or during a social situation that might create anxiety.

In all cases, medication should be taken under medical supervision as these drugs, though helpful, can also be very addictive.


Sometimes just knowing about a condition can be enough to put a person on the road to recovery. Knowing about social anxiety can help sufferers identify symptoms and allow action to be taken on how to get over social anxiety. Reading books or looking at one of the many great anxiety busting courses on the market can be enough to help a person cope or even overcome social anxiety. By an individual understanding what triggers social anxiety and learning various relaxation techniques, this can make all the difference and help some to recover from social anxiety or at least learn to deal with it better.

Prognosis for Those with Social Anxiety

The prognosis for people who suffer from social anxiety is very good, as long the sufferer takes action by seeking help, whether through therapy, medication, or reading about it. Those action takers are more likely to be able to live normal and productive anxiety free lives, as long as they seek help on how to get over social anxiety.

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